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One Day Slow Floral and Photography Workshop

 Image by Taylor & Porter for Chloris Floral


A wish and right timing collided, so that magic could happen

My friend Betany of Chloris Floral messaged me a few days ago expressing how much she wanted to come back to England. We have been wanting to do a joint workshop for so long and originally wanted to do it on the gorgeous West Coast of America in Wine Country, but this story is about how a plan came together and the timing and the place was to be set in London.




We hope that you will join us in this one day workshop where Betany will be teaching you floral designs inspired by her hometown in Sonoma County, heirloom variety blooms grown on local flower farms, and music that inspires her musically inspired bouquets through the Victorian Language of Flowers. To find out more about her musically inspired creations, visit her blog here.

Chikae will be imparting her wisdom about photography and how to capture "of the moment" imagery for your social media and website using natural light and the objects we find around us, Hikarui style. To find out more about her Lightweight Living philosophy, visit her new blog here.



All images above by Chikae O.H.


Meet Betany

Trained at the Juilliard School of Music, Betany’s first career is that of an opera singer. After moving to Sonoma County in California’s farm country, she swiftly and deeply fell entranced with locally grown flowers. She became a flower farmer and co-owned a flower farm for two seasons. Wishing to focus on design, she started Chloris Floral where she exclusively supports local flower farms growing with organic practices. The namesake Chloris perfectly combines her two artistic endeavours, classical singing and floral design. Not only is Chloris the Greek goddess of flowers, she is also the heroine of her favorite French art song, A Chloris by Reynaldo Hahn. Betany is often inspired by music in her floral designs and she writes a blog post about her musically inspired bouquets called Chloris Floral Notes. Betany has studied floral design under Studio Choo, The Blue Carrot, Fleuropean and Hart Floral.

Betany regularly teaches floral design classes in California’s Sonoma County and she has taught workshops internationally in Hanoi, Vietnam and Ontario, Canada.


Meet Chikae

Chikae started floral design company Okishima & Simmonds in 2013, and recently started her second business focusing on photography, visual storytelling and creative consulting.

Photography was always her first love. Self-taught and having been fascinated with it from a young age, she shoots both digital and film photography.

Her style of photography is based around her concept Hikarui where she travels lightweight, carrying as little gear as possible, using what already exists around her. This enables her to travel anywhere, be free-spirited and adapt to any situation allowing her to capture visual stories that are real, raw and enchanting. Beauty exists all around us, yet we choose to seek it elsewhere. Starting with the fundamentals above, this allows you to bring in more props if necessary and is adaptable to each person. Her way of teaching ensures that you come away learning the basics and how to see the world in a new way that you can adapt to your own lifestyle and avoid replicating others. Chikae's knowledge of flowers means she is able to capture the beauty of flowers and foliage in a way that other photographers are not able to.

Chikae loves to travel. Being half Japanese half American but born and raised in the UK, and having lived in Japan and Hong Kong, means that home is essentially wherever she is at any given time. Her ability to travel lightweight and use only the essentials in both her travels and her photography gives way to a more stress-free lifestyle and appreciating the things that truly matter.

Who is this workshop for?
  • Lovers of flowers who wish to learn how to create wild, organic flowing floral centrepieces using chicken wire.
  • For anyone but especially social media enthusiasts wanting to learn how to capture their beautiful creative creations on camera. Perhaps you haven't picked up a camera before but would like to learn, or maybe you are a pro wanting to learn how to be more lightweight with your photography
  • For those that want to improve their photography for their own personal portfolio's, website, Instagram, or just want to meet other like-minded people and have some nice relaxing time to reignite their creative side
  • Especially beneficial for florists who want to improve photography of their work.
  • Flower/foliage lovers
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to edit their images
  • People who are unsure of their style and want to refine it
  • Those who want a day off to be creative, have fun, relax, create and most importantly, slow down
Included in this workshop:
  • Nibbles and lunch
  • All flowers and foliage
  • Floral design demonstration
  • Make your own floral centrepiece
  • Understanding how to capture your beautiful arrangement on your choice of image capture device
  • How to compose your images
  • Understanding the importance of getting it right in-camera rather than relying on post-processing
  • How to look for the light and understand colour composition
  • Post-processing for social media
  • Professional images of your floral centrepiece creations to use for your portfolio taken by Chikae and headshots should you want some taken

When: Monday, October 9th 2017, 10am-4pm

Where: At Chikae's London based Studio

*Cancellation Policy: Refunds are not possible, however, if you are unable to make it you are able to transfer your booking to another workshop date of the same price or under some circumstances arrange a one-to-one of the same value at any given time within a year of booking.