When I found out that Chikae was giving photography workshops, I was beyond the moon. I have been a big fan of her style on Instagram for a while and the fact that she can photograph flowers so beautifully was just a perfect match. Heading to our first meet, I had no idea what to expect but Chikae exceeded all my expectations. On top of her excellent expertise of the visual arts, she is incredibly passionate and dedicated. I took a 1-2-1 workshop about visual storytelling and what really touched me was how well she understood my business and the homework she did before our class. I learned so many new ways to push my business forward. The commitment Chikae made before, during and after our workshop was very reassuring and encouraging. She is extremely giving and it felt like I had spent the day with a long lost friend. I left that day with a head full of new tricks and a friend for life!
— Joanna, Catherine Muller
Ever since I came across Chikae’s profile on Instagram I felt in love with her style. I was secretly hoping that she will eventually start running workshops and that I will be able to attend one of them. My dream came true in November 2016. I always loved flowers and knew down deep inside that it’s what I want to do. Chikae’s workshop was wonderful and inspirational. She encouraged me to peruse my dream of becoming a floral designer and helped me to find my style. She helped me to find my path and I am grateful for each advice and direction. I truly recommend Chikae’s workshops.
After my time with Chikae, I now see the world with different eyes. There is no abrupt start and end but rather an endless flow of possibilities. Encouraging and open, her style is relaxed and confident, with me at the forefront she worked tirelessly to always achieve more. She saw in me what I still had to unearth and quietly gave me the tools to recognise my own unique blend of creativity and be fearless to allow freely and explore. I have come away brimming with ideas and excitement of where this journey is taking next.