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Do you require brand clarity or wish to delve deep into the art of visual storytelling, photography, (floral styling upon request) but want to tailor it to your business or for your own personal portfolio? If so I would LOVE to help in any way I can. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life or don't know what the next step is in your creative career and need some guidance. Mentoring For Creatives is a great way to fast-track any of the skills listed below as I devote my time entirely to you.

Below is a list of things you may be interested in learning/discussing, but please feel free to also think of your own questions or a list of things you would like to learn.


Photography / Visual storytelling

Do you often find that you aren't quite capturing the image you had envisioned in your mind? People often don't realise the art of capturing a great image or telling a good visual story starts from the ability to see and take in your surroundings. It isn't always about the mechanical/technical skills of a camera or editing software. You can take an amazing image with a basic camera or iPhone if you know what elements to look for. However, taking a photo with a very expensive camera and trying to fix an image with very expensive software is not the solution and can often result in misleading people to think that you need expensive equipment to be able to take a good photo. It's about the fundamentals of seeing and your surrounding environment. The way we naturally take in our surroundings, goes hand in hand with the camera settings and post-processing workflow. This is something I wish someone had told me when I first started!

Things I often get asked to cover in a Creative One-To-One session:

  • How to use your camera in manual setting - ISO, f stop, shutter speed and more

  • How to compose your images so it is visually appealing

  • Understanding the importance of getting it right in-camera rather than relying on post-processing

  • How to look for the light and understand colour composition

  • How to edit in Lightroom

  • How to curate your Instagram and other Social Media

  • Learn how to be more intentional with your photography and storytelling


BRAND CLARITY / Creative Consulting

  • How to begin - starting is always the hardest part!

  • How to curate your Instagram and other Social Media

  • How to refine your style for your brand

  • What to invest into your company or business

  • How to make it clear what your brand is about


I look forward to creating a magical day for you! I am also available to do Skype or Facetime sessions for those who are overseas and are unable to cross the pond. I also love to travel so... Just saying... :p

Breakfast, lunch and tea will be included as well as any day trips out, should I think we need to venture out to gain inspiration or to aid the learning process! I will also take photographs in digital and film of our time together if you would like me to, so that you have a memory of the work you created, profile photographs and you in action to use for your own portfolio, website or social media.

Prices are priced per person and will vary depending on what you would like to do so please enquire using the form below. If you would like to book with a friend, this is a great way to share the experience but since I would like to give as much individual attention to each person, I will be restricting One-To-One's to 3 people maximum.

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What people are saying

After my time with Chikae, I now see the world with different eyes. There is no abrupt start and end but rather an endless flow of possibilities. Encouraging and open, her style is relaxed and confident, with me at the forefront she worked tirelessly to always achieve more. She saw in me what I still had to unearth and quietly gave me the tools to recognise my own unique blend of creativity and be fearless to allow freely and explore. I have come away brimming with ideas and excitement of where this journey is taking next.
— Kim of The Gatherer
Ever since I came across Chikae’s profile on Instagram I felt in love with her style. I was secretly hoping that she will eventually start running workshops and that I will be able to attend one of them. My dream came true in November 2016. I always loved flowers and knew down deep inside that it’s what I want to do. Chikae’s workshop was wonderful and inspirational. She encouraged me to peruse my dream of becoming a floral designer and helped me to find my style. She helped me to find my path and I am grateful for each advise and direction. I truly recommend Chikae’s workshops.
— Kasia Borowiecka of cosmos and plums

*Cancellation Policy: Refunds are not possible, however if you are unable to make it you are able to transfer your booking to another date within a year of your booking date.