O&S pop-up shop in Chelsea

While I have been travelling, my business partner Jessie has held the fort in London for our floral design company, O&S.

With our wonderful team of girlies, she has been able to work her butt off and open a pop-up florist that we were lucky enough to stumble upon through a friend of mine, and we couldn't turn the opportunity down. I made it clear that it was up to Jessie whether she wanted to take the project on or not since we only found out about this opportunity a few weeks before I left, and I so I wanted to make sure she felt comfortable doing it without me.

Well she did that and more alright!

We wanted to make sure it was more of an experience with seasonal installations, rather than a florist with flowers in abundance to buy. This isn't our style as we are more of a bespoke companies. However there are a small selection of bouquets now and then!

Check it out! Pop by if you're in London. It is located in the old Hand & Flower (how appropriate is that!!) pub on the Kings Road in the Chelsea Design Quarter. We are provisionally there until September.

All photos are by Siobhan Hennessy