From Real Life To Photograph - Capturing The Moments

I decided since I love sharing, and since this is pretty much what I do on a day to day basis, even if it's not for work, I would share with you a quick snippet of how a real life moment translates into the final image.

I always see moments and have experiences that I want to share with the world and I have wanted to start doing videos so that your senses can mimc what I am seeing/hearing/feeling. Obviously the other senses such as smell, taste and touch will have to remain told through my descriptions and visual storytelling. :)

On this particular day I was sitting (and I still am) in my best friend's boyfriends kitchen in New York City, mapping out my next few days and months as I continue to travel around America freelancing and visiting places I've always wanted to go as well as catching up with friends and family.

My next stop is to do the wedding flowers and attend my friend from Japan's wedding in Ohio. I'm so excited and I've been itching to get back to physical work that flowers provide for me.

the story

I saw a corner of the kitchen that really struck a chord with me because the light was so beautiful and I could feel the sensation and experience of sitting on these armchairs whether it was by myself or with my friend having a chinwag and talking about life sipping a cup of tea. I had to capture the essence of the moment even thought it wasn't happening. It isn't necessarily always about capturing the exact goings on of any given time, but also about capturing moments that you desire or that have already happened that creates the resurfacing or creation of a memory, pastime or a wish that is so special and people often neglect and let it pass them by.

By looking and pausing for a second, I was able to capture this specific moment in time that I can now take with me anywhere I go. I will remember the sights (the light pouring through the window, the kitchen ceiling lights, the objects themselves, the colours), the sounds (the silence, the sound of appliances and the fridge whirring), the feel of the leather (smooth and cold), the taste and smell of the porridge I made earlier this morning (oats, dried cranberries, milk, cinnamon, almonds).

I wanted to show you how important it is to take a moment and pause in your day to day life.

See below for the video of the real-life corner of the kitchen and the after photo's of what I captured. See how they make you feel.

Something to remember:

I edit my photography in lightroom and photoshop to my taste, so the colours and composition may be different to the original real-life frame. This is where your creativity kicks in and there's nothing wrong with tweaking something from the original shot. :) Also it is not always about staging a photograph - as much as that is my job, to style and make things look pretty, I always make sure I keep the balance by taking photographs of things that already exist also. This is a more authentic and personal way of documenting your life stories.